Unblocked version of Happy Wheels game

Are you into blood and gore games? Are you into dark humor? Are you into bike games with obstacles? All listed aspects and even more can be found in Happy Wheels. This game perfectly balances and combines above mentioned categories and gives us completely unique flash game.

In this game all actions are made with a help of ragdoll physics. It is unique engine that gives us realistic atmosphere in the game. I would like to outline graphics of the game separately because it is very smooth and pleasant, all jumps, impacts and explosions in the game look very realistic.

Happy Wheels Unblocked
Now about Happy Wheels Unblocked and what does it mean
To be simple and straight forward, it means that you can play this game from any location and facility (such as work office, school, etc.), all you need is browser and internet and you are good to go. Game is completely free and doesn’t require any installation or hassle like that. Author of this gaming marvel is Jim Bonacci, he came up with idea, he programmed everything and he continues to improve game almost on daily occasion with new updates and bug fixes.

This is very user friendly game; any player can create his own track, write his own scenarios and his own world and after that he can share his work online and other gamers from different parts of the world will be able to play it, sounds cool right? Many people became ‘celebrity’ with a help of this feature, it is amazing how many talented people are out there who can create mind-blowing levels and creative scenarios.

Due to its popularity there are unblocked and hacked versions available, people also speculate over the second version of the game, however there were no official announcements of it so don’t believe in rumors about it.

This game is by far my favorite one and I also record my gaming and share it on YouTube, you will be amazed how many views I get from it. Share your experience with us below in comments section, which one is your favorite character? Which level you enjoy the most and what you think about game itself.